Seth Rollins and the farewell of Vince McMahon

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Seth Rollins and the farewell of Vince McMahon
Seth Rollins and the farewell of Vince McMahon (Provided by Sport World News)

Seth Rollins revealed how he and his wife Becky Lynch reacted to Vince Mcmahon's sensational announcement. Seth explained: "I couldn't believe it. I'll never forget that day. Becky and I were at the airport, on our way to a live event, when suddenly we got a notification on our mobile.

A few seconds later, Becky and I looked at each other and we were both speechless. From the first day I walked into WWE, I knew that Vince was getting old and that he could leave any moment. However, I didn't expect it to happen so abruptly.

I was not prepared and the emotions took over at that moment. I love Vince, he's been like a second father to me for the past 10 years."

Seth Rollins and the farewell of Vince McMahon

He could not miss a judgment on the new course initiated by Triple H: "I have always had a great admiration for Hunter.

He helped me a lot and I trust him, just as I trusted Vince. The arrival of The Game was a breath. fresh air, in fact there is a new atmosphere in the backstage." The entire wrestling world was left speechless after hearing the news of Vince McMahon's retirement.

The now former WWE Chairman announced his decision just over two months ago, also thanks to the heavy accusations that have been made against him in recent times. His place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team.

The 14-time world champion has a very different vision than McMahon's and immediately put his touch on the shows. In addition to transferring some of Nxt's talent to the main roster, The Game has helped the return to the company of several stars who had been released. According to insiders, the air is very different from when HHH took control of operations.

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