Sasha Banks increasingly out of WWE?

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Sasha Banks increasingly out of WWE?

Sasha Banks and Naomi have not appeared on television for WWE since May 13, when they had a match at Friday Night SmackDown where they defeated Natalya and Shayna Baszler. After appearing that same weekend during a couple of live events, the two decided not to show up on Monday Night Raw on May 16, taking and leaving backstage after arguing with the upper floors.

Theoretically, the two of them were expected to participate in a match with multiple wrestlers to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, but Sasha and Naomi, who were the couple champions at the time, felt little respected because such, so they refused to perform, abandoning the show and forcing the company to rewrite the card.

After this act, the various versions of the incident began to circulate on the web and the two protagonists literally disappeared from social networks before popping up after some time, mainly to promote their appearances outside the Stamford company and the various partnerships.

It doesn't look good at all

Yesterday, out of nowhere, Sasha Banks decided to perform an act that made the fans suspicious, that is, on Twitter he changed his Twitter handle by putting her real name @MercedesVarnado, which replaced the previous one chosen @SashaBanksWWE .

Now we have to understand if it was just a random choice, given that some keep their name there and use the one in the ring in the other header, or if indeed the wrestler could not find an agreement with the WWE to return.

We remind you that for a couple of weeks the rumors of an agreement found between the two and Triple H, who recently took over the reins of the situation, were really strong, but there was nothing confirmed, with The Boss who recently said about her future in entertainment: "There's so much I'm creating right now.

It's all part of a great plan. I'm an amazing actress, writer, producer and entertainer. All in those fields, I'm doing something. You just have to stay tuned. Having a microphone is something great I want to do. Not podcasting, but music.

I don't know if this is the number one thing after, why acting… there is a lot of things coming up about acting right now. I'm really starting to focus my mind around music and the realm of music and being a sort of director in that space where I can create a piece of music video."