Liv Morgan and MJF's pic ignite social media!

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Liv Morgan and MJF's pic ignite social media!
Liv Morgan and MJF's pic ignite social media! (Provided by Sport World News)

WWE and AEW fans have teamed up in celebrating two of the most spotlighted wrestlers in the two companies, commenting very actively under a photo they both posted on Twitter.

Liv Morgan and MJF's pic ignite social media!

We're talking about current SmackDown champion Liv Morgan, who is preparing to face Ronda Rousey at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules Match on October 8, and MJF, who has recently rejoined Khan's partner after several months away from the scene.

The two shared a photo embraced in the garden of a house, probably in an evening with friends, with the ex Riott Squad who wrote: "Better than you", or "Better than you", which is part of the phrase that represents Mjf "Better than you and you know it," while the wrestler AEW wrote on the same photo: "Watch Me," or "Look at me," a phrase instead characteristic of Liv.

As Fightful also tells: "Max and Liv share some similarities. Both hail from the New York / New Jersey area, and both hold multiple wins over notable former UFC Fighters. Max holds two wins over CM Punk while Morgan has defeated Ronda Rousey twice and holds one win over Shayna Baszler."

Could the two be in WWE?

In life they say never say never for a reason, but for now Maxwell Jacob Friedman seems glued to All Elite Wrestling until 2024, with Tony Khan who has decided to increase his salary, but not to extend his contract.

Apparently the wrestler and the president have managed to iron out their past differences, by signing a new agreement that is now worth over a million dollars a year, a hefty sum that is certainly deserved given the masterful work he has done in the company.

of Jacksonville. We just have to wait until 2024 to find out if Liv Morgan and MJF will be in the same company.

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