John Cena enters the Guinness World Record

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John Cena enters the Guinness World Record

During an episode of Monday Night Raw that went several weeks ago, Vince Mcmahon wanted to appear once again, after the outbreak of his extra-marital scandal and shortly before his farewell to the scenes, with the Chairman currently decayed to make room for his daughter, who has introduced his former world champion, for the celebration of his 20 years in the rings of the family company: John Cena.

Once in the ring, John told fans that he doesn't know when he will be able to return to the ring to fight and that he is now 45 and therefore his performances may be numbered by now. After also having a face to face with Theory in the backstage of the red show, many have wondered if the two could go and collide at Summerslam, but as we have seen in the end and as initially stated by Dave Meltzer, it would have been very unlikely.

that the plans for WWE's Big Four had been these, as John Cena was not advertised for any WWE events in the following weeks. In the episode of Raw immediately following, we saw instead the new plans for Theory, with Cena who had since left the scene to return to make room for the All Mighty, Bobby Lashley, who had already ripped the title of US champion from the hips of the young boy.

John Cena fulfills 650 wishes with Make-A-Wish In recent days, John Cena has definitively entered the world record book, the famous Guinness World Record, fulfilling 650 wishes with the American company of Make-A-Wish, or the non-profit company that deals with fulfilling the wishes of children and adolescents suffering from cancer or rare diseases, who are unfortunately very often one step away from death or who in any case lead a very hard and difficult life.

Thanks to his name built on the WWE rings and thanks to his huge heart, John had first managed to make the record of 500 fulfilled wishes, a figure never reached by anyone and then instead reached the threshold of 650, truly becoming an unattainable world record for the moment from none.
We recall how John had already said on the occasion of his 500th wish granted: "If you ever need me for this, I don't care what I'm doing, I'll just drop everything and get involved in this because I think it's the coolest thing in the world.

I will truly drop anything. If I can offer a fantastic experience, I will be at the forefront to do my part."

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