Rhea Ripley: "It's thanks to my mental stability that I got it all in WWE"

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Rhea Ripley: "It's thanks to my mental stability that I got it all in WWE"

Rhea Ripley has always been a girl who has somehow managed to draw attention to herself, for her beauty, but also because she is very unique, as well as her look and presentation and people are intrigued by her, with the wrestler who is often known even by people who do not follow wrestling.

In recent months, however, things have become much more interesting for her, because it has been for some time, also thanks to a change in her look that has made her feel more and more at ease, that many people find her particularly attractive.

It all started even more when she and Liv Morgan were a tag team, with many fans who even saw them well together precisely because Rhea has this "daddy" energy, as the Americans would say and it is no less when in her presence.

there are also other men, especially alongside Dominik Mysterio, now that he has joined the Judgment Day.

Rhea Ripley thanks her mental stability for great WWE victories

In her latest interview with WWE The Bump, the former Monday Night Raw champion, as well as Tag Team and NXT champion, wanted to talk about the great victories obtained in the WWE rings, especially those with her head, since to move forward with the company, it is necessary to grow above all on a human and psychological level.

Regarding this discourse, Rhea said in fact: "Oh, immensely. I feel like the major things have changed thanks to my mental stability. Yes, I feel much more comfortable with myself. I know what I want. And that's the same thing the kids want and that's why we're on the same page.

We don't care what we have to go through to get to what we want. If you are on our side, you are on our side. It's cool. If you're not, we'll get over it and that's the mentality I have now and I think it's changed a lot."