Matt Cordona: "I’m one who always wants to put the blame on myself."

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Matt Cordona: "I’m one who always wants to put the blame on myself."

Matt Cardona lost his WWE Intercontinental title after just one day. He is not satisfied with this fact and believes that if the title is not with the fighter for a long time, it should be taken off from him. “I think losing the next night made the moment.

I wish I could have lost later on in the [same] night. You know? Why have the title for two weeks or two months? Unless I’m going to go undefeated for two years, take it off me! You know what I’m saying? That’s the story, that’s the story of Zack Ryder, the underdog that finally gets it and then it gets taken away."

, Cardona said,as quoted by ewrestlingnews It is interesting that he is still satisfied that he lost the title next day "So I thought that’s what made the story so special, because nobody thought I was going to win.

And then to lost it the next night, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, he finally got something and then he lost it.’ So I thought that moment was the way to go. If I would have lost it, I don’t know, at Backlash against Cesaro or something, who cares? I’m glad that I lost the next night.

Perfect fit for my career”.

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Cardona has shown that he is a great man and fighter and believes that all the responsibility is on him. He says they tried to be bad guys and did everything to make people hate them.

“You know, listen. I’m one who always wants to put the blame on myself. I never want to look back and say, you know, ‘They held me down,’ or ‘They didn’t push me,’ blah blah blah. Because that doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make you happier, you know what I’m saying? But towards the end with Hawkins, I do think that — we were trying to push to be bad guys, to be heels.

And we kind of were doing it insome backstage stuff that they put on, where we wanted to preach that we were in the ‘Gratitude Era,’ and kind of be like over-the-top cheesy and positive where people would hate us.

I wish we would have got the opportunity to do that, but we didn’t. And that is what it is”. Matt Cardona has had a great career so far and has shown many times how good a fighter he is. It is certain that WWE did not make a good move with his dismissal, but Cardona is strong mentally and we believe that he still has strength in him.