Bayley thanks Macho Man for his love of wrestling

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Bayley thanks Macho Man for his love of wrestling
Bayley thanks Macho Man for his love of wrestling (Provided by Sport World News)

At Summerslam 2022 Bayley made her big comeback after a year stopping home injured, but she wasn't alone, in fact Dakota Kai, who had been fired a few months earlier, and IYO SKY, better known as Io Shirai, showed up with her that Nxt has finally been promoted to the main roster.

Interviewed by the microphones of WWE After The Bell, Bayley had thus told how this trio was born: "This is something I have wanted for a while, I would say a couple of years, and I talked to Triple H about this thing already Before.

I just wanted something different for splitting and using girls who I think have been underused or haven't had the opportunity or haven't had that spotlight on and a way to evolve. There were many variations of this faction or group, which I wanted.

When I got injured I got to spend more time thinking about it, I knew I literally wanted girls who haven't had the opportunity on Raw or SmackDown or haven't had the opportunity to hear what Wrestlemania is, because that's the goal.

final of all. I felt like I was looking for the girls who haven't had that yet, the hunger is going to be much stronger and it will be a breath of fresh air for the fans and the locker room and they will be thrilled to work with different people."

Bayley thanks Macho Man for his love of wrestling

In her latest interview, however, the former Smackdown champion wanted to name the character who more than any other was able to bring her closer to the world of pro-wrestling and especially to the then WWF, with Bayley who thus told her relationship with Macho Man Randy Savage on Casual Conversation: "He was the first person who pointed me to wrestling.

It was the way he looked at you, how he carried himself forward and because of his charisma. I would literally watch him go down the ramp with his outfits and say ooooh what's that?' Nothing about wrestling up to that point had stolen my eyes like Macho Man did then." The great and late WWE Hall of Famer, who died in a car accident a few years ago, managed together with a few other characters, such as André The Giant and Hulk Hogan to make millions of fans fall in love with the pro-wrestling discipline, straddling the 80s and 90s, with generations and generations of fans who have followed McMahon's WWE with interest ever since.