Eric Bischoff in disbelief over Tony Khan

"I kind of want to know they got their s*** together and what I saw."

by Sead Dedovic
Eric Bischoff in disbelief over Tony Khan

Konnan's Keepin' It 100 podcast has interesting guests. This time Eric Bischoff commented on the situation in AEW. Eric is not happy with what is happening, especially with Tony Khan. “I just can’t imagine what executives at Warner, Discovery are thinking about when now this is the second time that’s happened, right? MJF did the same thing a couple months ago.

And in front of by the way, a bunch of executives who were in the arena is from what I’ve heard. Now we see the same thing again, from a different guy, if I’m an executive in a media company, and I’m thinking about stroking a check for $45 million a year to somebody.

I kind of want to know they got their s*** together and what I saw. I mean I was humiliated for Tony [Khan]. I really was”. he said, as quoted by He couldn't help but mention CM Punk. “I just can’t imagine a scenario where you’d keep that guy around.

I cannot imagine one, and if they do, my guess, it’s just a guess having been involved in litigation, that they’re keeping them around until they can determine, they meaning AEW, that from a legal perspective, they’re bulletproof, because otherwise you got this disgruntled piece of sh*t named CM Punk, that oh, just coincidentally, supposedly tore a tricep early in his match.

Is there any indication of that? Has anybody seen anything in that match that makes him go, ‘I can see yep, there’s really.’ Now maybe there is. I didn’t see the match. I’m not saying it’s bullsh*t."

Eric Bischoff speaks about CM Punk

"What I am saying is bullsh*t is when I saw him in that press conference, he didn’t have any fu**ing problem feeding his face with Twinkies.

He wasn’t selling anything. He wasn’t in pain. He was stuffing his face like he hadn’t eaten in a fu**ing month. I mean, he looks like a wino. It looks like somebody picked him up on a street corner somewhere in Chicago and sobered him up 20 minutes before the press room.

He looks like sh*t, always has. But did you see him selling his tricep when he was eating? He was just fu**ing two fisting Twinkies while he was up there. You couldn’t see it right? So I think it’s bullsh*t. I think he got hurt, I think he tore his tricep in that backstage altercation, whatever that was.

That’s gonna be a mess. So if they keep him around it’s because they’re trying to navigate that. That’s my guess”.

Eric Bischoff Tony Khan