Sasha Banks & Naomi: come back close?

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Sasha Banks & Naomi: come back close?

Despite their absence from WWE since May, Sasha Banks and Naomi, after a period of silence due to the drama surrounding their escape during the episode of Monday Night Raw, have been revised and resented on social networks.

The first was Naomi with various tweets and some photos and some videos also in the company of her husband Jimmy Uso, and then Sasha Banks also came back with some photos. But that's not all, because the two attended a convention meeting several fans and reuniting with Trish Stratus and Lita and then they also attended the She-Hulk premiere together.

Unfortunately, however, for Sasha Banks, things did not always go well during this break from the ring, because one day she parked the car, went into a shop and after five minutes when she came out, she found one of the broken windows and the empty trunk.

Friendship and baseball

Recently Naomi and Sasha were spotted with Bayley, current leader of Damage CTRL in WWE and one of Banks' best friends, and Titus O’Neil, WWE Global Ambassador, during a Major League Baseball game in New York.

The photos between them and with some fans and a video where the two former champions dance with Titus O'Neil, have been around the world and have gone viral especially on Instagram.

Is comeback close in WWE?

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H spoke about Sasha Banks in a recent interview with BT Sport's Ariel Helwani: "Time will tell.

Time will tell. In many ways, communication problems are terrible. There has been a problem with communications, for some reason. Initiating that communication back up is not a difficult process, but it is a process, and you have to go through the process.

She is an incredibly talented young woman who can do. whatever he wants. It all comes down to what he wants to do now with his life, his career, whatever it is." It is thought that with her arrival, an agreement is now close or has already been signed to get her back.

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