Liv Morgan: "Here's who I'd like to see in WWE"

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Liv Morgan: "Here's who I'd like to see in WWE"

Like all the other WWE Superstars, Liv Morgan is also aware of the big change in the Stamford federation after the departure of Vince Mcmahon. Since the first days after the former Chairman's resignation, there have been great returns to WWE, the likes of Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross and Dexter Lumis.

We've also seen some promotions from NXT like IYO SKY and recently, the last one to return was Braun Strowman during the September 5th episode of Monday Night Raw.

Liv Morgan: "In WWE, morale is higher than before"

During an interview with Gorilla Position, Liv Morgan talked about how Vince McMahon's resignation impacted WWE positively both from an entertainment perspective and behind the scenes: "I think when it comes to the product, we're seeing really different.

New faces and new things. They are also seeing old faces come to life again. So, it's all great. The morale is really high, the energy is really high and everyone is really excited about what the future holds. We are ready. to take WWE to the next level." WWE has brought back several artists previously released by Vince McMahon to its federation.

Reigning SmackDown women's champion has revealed who she thinks she would like to return to WWE, her former tag team partner Sarah Logan. Sarah Logan was released from WWE in April 2020. Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan joined the Riott Squad with leader Ruby Riott.

The faction disbanded in 2019 when Liv Morgan came to SmackDown. Even if Sarah Logan were to return to WWE now, a Riott Squad reunion shouldn't be possible as Ruby Riott, now known as Ruby Soho, works for AEW. For now, however, Liv Morgan will have to stay focused on her current reign as the SmackDown women's champion.

Recently, Morgan successfully defended her title in Clash at the Castle by beating Shayna Baszler for her second title defense of her reign.

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