EC3 accuses Velveteen Dream: "Filmed WWE Superstars secretly in the bathroom"

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EC3 accuses Velveteen Dream: "Filmed WWE Superstars secretly in the bathroom"

Former NXT star Patrick Clark best known during his stint in the WWE development brand as Velveteen Dream was arrested on 8/26 for an out-of-county warrant for drug paraphernalia in Florida. It is not the first time that the wrestler gets in trouble, in fact in 2020 he was even accused of having lured minors on Instagram, even if the WWE had made its investigation finding apparently the innocent man even if he was still fired from the company to the end.

But now some new allegations have sprung up from a former WWE colleague of his, in fact speaking during an appearance on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws show, EC3 recalled a troubling incident that took place at a party.

EC3 claims that the former North American Champion left his phone in the bathroom in an attempt to film explicit videos of his colleagues without their consent.

Far from being a dream, more a nightmare

"He's been arrested again.

When are they going to take him back? Probably not going to happen if he's on his criminal record, plus he's got a lot of skeletons in the closet. Oh, what does that mean? I'm glad you asked, why not? Because there was always some speculation in NXT that he was a little weird, but you welcome him.

You can be friends. We had a party and he was at my house, and he came to me because I'm friendly and I'm the best and I tried to welcome everyone into that thing. He left his phone in my bathroom with the camera on trying to catch people going to pee.

How was I supposed to know? Because it's my bathroom. When I walk in there and I see a selfie mode phone leaning there filming, where if someone about to pee would be caught with their penis outside peeing in the toilet. I'm not going to lie to you too, this was a late night party so maybe there were a couple of shared cocktails, who knows what everyone had been drinking.

As we know, if he will do it in front of a policeman, God knows what he will do behind the back of a policeman."