Brock Lesnar at Vince McMahon's birthday party!

In addition to The Beast, there were also John Cena with his wife and Pat McAfee

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Brock Lesnar at Vince McMahon's birthday party!

Vince McMahon quit his job as WWE Chairman because he was involved in some major extramarital and financial scandals that emerged after some Wall Street Journal investigations. In fact, in several terms, it turned out that McMahon would have paid some of his former employees, very good money, let's talk about millions and millions of dollars, not to mention some intimate relationships he had with them, otherwise if they had talked, he would have fired them.

in the trunk. WWE released a lengthy statement on the scandal during its quarterly report to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The report states that it does not have an effective control environment, risk assessment or monitoring under previous management.

This was why the company was unaware of the payments made by Vince McMahon, with the money from the company's coffers.

Vince McMahon turns 77 and invites his athletes to their birthday

After leaving the helm of his WWE, Vince McMahon turned 77, with the former Chairman of the Stamford federation who wanted to celebrate the evening with the friends of a lifetime, also calling several of his Superstars with whom he had a better ratio than the others.

Among the many who came to celebrate the most famous Chairman in the history of pro-wrestling, there was also Brock Lesnar, who is usually very shy on these public occasions, but for his Chairman he turned a blind eye. In addition to The Beast, there were also John Cena with his wife and Pat McAfee, all characters who in recent years have been associated with Vince McMahon in an important way, both in the rings and in the backstage of the WWE.

But let's see two photos that immortalize the presence of the three athletes at Vince McMahon's party. Apparently, Vince McMahon would have been immortalized in some shots even with a mysterious woman, who is obviously not his wife Linda, with fans who immediately thought of a new flame of the former Chairman, after what emerged from the scandals on his behalf.

released in WWE.

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