2026 Winter Olympics, Italian IOC no.1: "We will make the best games ever"


2026 Winter Olympics, Italian IOC no.1: "We will make the best games ever"

Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2026 will be held in Italy, specifically in the cities of Milan and Cortina. Undersecretary for Italian Sport, Valentina Vezzali, told: "Twenty years after the Turin Games, Milan-Cortina in 2026 will indicate a model from which to start again.

It will do so thanks to guidelines linked to key words: sustainability, flexibility, management efficiency and economic, creation of long-term value. These are fixed points that we cannot ignore. In this perspective, the Olympic infrastructures must represent a real opportunity for the territory and the communities involved.

The real goal, therefore, is to leave a concrete legacy to the citizens of today and tomorrow. This is also the objective of the funds of the NRR, which the Department for Sport is managing for the construction and regeneration of sports facilities throughout Italy.

We will have the opportunity to transform Italy into a more inclusive, eco-sustainable and green environment. " Italian IOC chairman Giovanni Malagò added: "The bet we won in 2019 against all predictions, also the result of the great ability to team up, which was fundamental, forces us to do everything very well, to organize the best Games ever.

This is both because after so many editions the Winter Olympics will return to Europe, their cradle, and because our message will give the IOC the opportunity to open new paths. On 19 September 2016, history forced us to stop, but on 24 June 2019 we seized We won an impossible race, even with the enormous fortune of having a great ally in the IOC, which in the meantime had identified a new formula in the 2020 agenda: the opportunity, among other things, to expand the We have fully exploited it.

We have opened a path, ours is a case history, making a virtue of necessity and enhancing the aspects on which we were already strong and known. or support and carte blanche from the representatives of the territories, then also the involvement of many champions, elements that in addition to a lot of commitment and courage have allowed us to beat a candidate who still does not believe in it.

The bet we have before us can be won in two ways: by respecting the commitment made to leave the right legacy of this great event and by exploiting and increasing the prestige of the country. "