Mikaela Shiffrin ready for Europe!

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Mikaela Shiffrin ready for Europe!

Mikaela Shiffrin and US Ski Team launch a fund for athletes. The American skier will spend the next winter months in Europe, but before leaving for Vecchio Cotinente, she launched a fund in honor of her father, Jeff Shiffrin, who died last February, in support of all winter sports athletes.

The Jeff Shiffrin Athlete Resiliency Fund, in partnership with the US Ski Team, aims to assist athletes who have had little opportunity to train this year due to the global Covid-19 pandemic or who have had problems for the same reason.

budget for travel. Six American families have donated 1.5 million dollars which constitute the first base of the fund,. Shiffrin said: "Resilience has become essential in my life. Especially in these past 7 months which are so difficult.

The stories we will share thanks to the fund will make you shiver down your spine, make you want to get up and dance, to cry, to laugh, all at the same time. When you are on a plane flying home to see your father dying, you understand what it really means to worry about something, everything else is not comparable, including worrying whether I will win the next race or not.

In the past I was nervous and anxious before the races and I felt the pressure. It's something innate in me, the desire and the will to do a good job. But now I see things in a whole new perspective."

Mikaela Shiffrin and US Ski Team launch a fund for athletes

Tiger Shaw, CEO of US Ski and Snowboard said that the federation had to add $ 1 million to its budget for pads and safety alone, plus the cost of keeping athletes and staff in Europe for an additional 14 days.

due to quarantine; furthermore, due to the restrictions due to covid19, it was not possible to organize the traditional fundraising, which is very important for the US federation. Faced with the many social unrest that has occurred in the US in recent months, and thanks to the availability of more free time in spring and summer, Mikaela has decided to take a stand on some issues, to get informed, study and support those who want change.

The last race of Mikaela Shiffrin dates back to January 26, 2020, Bansko's superg, won by the champion, as well as the descent disputed two days earlier. Less than 8 months have passed and a bit of everything has happened to her in between: the tragic and sudden death of her father, the pause for mourning, the attempt to return for the very last races of the season, then canceled for the covid, the pandemic experienced in his home in Colorado, bought a year ago, and the risk of seeing it go up in flames due to a fire that reached his home in August.

By the end of the month Mikaela will return to Europe to compete in Soelden: for the first time in three years she will not be at the gate as holder of the CdM, and never like this year there is great uncertainty about the level of the opponents, because they all had to make do with the pandemic.

Mikaela trained in the few areas available in the USA, Copper Mountain and Mount Hood, unable to travel to New Zealand or South America as in all other summers.