Stefan Kraft and Kobayashi are the best in Kligenthal


Stefan Kraft and Kobayashi are the best in Kligenthal

Halvor Egner Granerud and Daniel Andre Tande were left without the first place Norwegian ski jumpers cannot be dissatisfied with the results achieved in Klingenthal, in two days, three competitors from Scandinavia found themselves on the podium, but the victory was missed.

During the double program in Germany, Norwegian ski jumpers won two second and one third place, and after Halvor Egner Granerud, Daniel Andre Tande and Marius Lindwick remained short for the triumph. On the first day of the competition, the two-time winner of the World Cup, Stefan Kraft, celebrated, while on Sunday, the best was Ryujo Kobayashi.

The Norwegians are in great shape, and the New Year's tour is approaching. And that makes all the members of the Norwegian national team happy, but in the general order of the World Cup, none of the five leaders. Although Karl Geiger did not find himself on the podium in Kligenthal, he kept the leading position with 414 points ahead of Ryujo Kobayashi, who melted the gap and entered the "zone 100".

The Japanese is 98 points behind, and with today's victory he overtook Stefan Kraft. On the second day of the competition, Ryujo Kobayashi put five Norwegians behind him. Daniel Andre Tande, Marius Lindwick, Robert Johansson, Halvor Egner Granerud and Johann Andre Forfang lined up next to each other, occupying positions from second to sixth place.

Stefan Kraft results

Last year's World Cup winner was the best-placed Norwegian on the first day, he looked back at the winner Stefan Kraft and completed the podium with Kamil Stoch. The Japanese jumped 129.5 and 139 meters for the second time this season, and the 13th in his career, while Stefan Kraft registered his first victory this year after two third positions.

The Austrian greatly surpassed the performance from last season, which was his worst since 2015. Stefan Kraft reached the 22nd victory, and along with Ryujo Kobayashi and Anze Lanisek, he is, for now, the biggest threat to Karl Geiger.

Stefan Kraft has serious plans, and obviously he worked hard before this season, which is clearly shown by his results. He is in great shape, and if he continues like this, he could achieve great success in the coming period One thing is for sure: we have an exciting season ahead of us with many more races to enjoy, and strong competition. It is obvious that many ski jumpers are ready and that they have entered this season seriously