Brignone was dominant; Muzaferija won the first points for Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Brignone was dominant; Muzaferija won the first points for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Super-giant slalom once again gave us a great performance of skiers who showed character and determination. Italian Federica Brignone celebrated in the super-giant slalom at the World Cup in St. Moritz. Brignone crossed the ski slope in 57.81 and thus reached the first victory of the season, and the second in St.

Moritz. Elena Curtoni and Shiffrin were also good, but still that wasn’t enough for first place Her compatriot Elena Curtoni had the second time (+0.11), while the third place went to the American Mikaela Shiffrin with a time of 58.24.

Slovenian representative Marusa Ferk finished in 33rd place with a time of 1: 00.44, while Ilka Štuhec did not pass the finish line. Elvedina Muzaferija from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who finished in 18th place, recorded a historic success.

She thus won 13 points in the World Cup and made the biggest result of Bosnian skiing in the history of the World Cup. This is a great success for her country and her fans and this can be a big step towards greater success, because after this Muzaferija will be more motivated and aware of her capabilities, and who knows what kind of career awaits Muzaferija It is also a surprise that Lara Gut-Behrami also did not finish the job.

The Swiss celebrated in St. Moritz on Saturday, and Sunday's race was marked by her fall and stoppage. Gut Behrami was unlucky, but we have no doubt that she will come out stronger in this situation


The start of the super-giant slalom was postponed by 11.15 because the organizers were faced with another difficult decision due to the strong wind.

The leader in the general placement of the World Cup for skiers is Shifrin with 525 points. The second is Sofia Goggia with 435, who finished the Sunday race in sixth place, and the third is Petra Vlhova with 340. Shifrin has shown the most this season, and is well on her way to winning the title.

Additional focus is needed until the very end In the ranking of the super-giant slalom, the best is Goggia with 220 points, ahead of Gut-Behrami, which has 180, and the weekly winner Brignone with 177 points. This season could be one of the most interesting considering that the competition is strong and that the girls are ready like never before, and obviously they are divided by shades.

The question, however, is which one will be most ready until the very end, and which can provide everything needed to win the title. It won’t be easy, but Goggia now has the advantage and has a good chance of using it to the very end Gut Behrami and Brignone are following her and will try to make a difference