Kjetil Jansrud has to finish the season due to injury!

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Kjetil Jansrud has to finish the season due to injury!

One of Norway's biggest hopes ahead of the upcoming Olympics - held from February 4 to 20 - will miss the competition in Beijing. For Kjetil Jansrud, the season ended after the fall in Beaver Creek. The four-time winner of the small Crystal Globes - three in the super-G and one in the downhill - will undergo surgery.

The experienced Norwegian suffered an injury in the super-giant slalom race, and more detailed examinations established that the ligaments were damaged. Kjetil Jansrud expects a long break, it is predicted between six and nine months, if the recovery goes according to plan.

Still, this will not shatter the dreams of the phenomenal Jansrud, who is highly motivated to return stronger than he was and to show critics his abilities. "The season is over for me, but I am motivated to do everything necessary to return," said the Norwegian.

Eight years ago, Kjetil Jansrud became the Olympic champion in Sochi, and he also won a bronze medal in downhill in Russia. In Pyongyang, four years later, he won silver in the downhill and bronze in the super G, while back in 2010, he won silver in the giant slalom.

Those were great years for the Norwegian, in which he had the greatest dominance

Current season

He also won medals at the world championships. The brightest in Ore, in the downhill discipline. He previously won silver in St.

Moritz in the super-G, and he put the same medal around his neck in 2015 in Beaver Creek, where he experienced a couple last week that will keep him off the track for a long time. In the current season, Kjetil Jansrud did not find himself on the podium.

He finished the downhill race in Lake Louise, Canada, as the 18th, while he took the 14th position in the American Beaver Creek. During his career, he was on the podium 55 times, he achieved 23 victories - the most in 2015 when he was on the highest step on the podium seven times.

It is a real pity for such an athlete that he has to finish the season at this moment since he could have achieved much more. However, injuries are an integral part of the sport and he will have surgery and a recovery period after which he will return to the ski slopes.

Everyone will miss him, but we have no doubt that he will come out stronger and show again how great an athlete he is