German part of the New Year's tour without fans!

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German part of the New Year's tour without fans!

Due to new measures against the coronavirus pandemic, the organizing committee of the competition in Oberstdorf was forced to close the stands for visitors For the first time, the New Year's Tour "Four Hills" at the turn of 2020 to 2021 was held without the presence of fans in the stands.

And, the stands, at least in the German part of the tour, will be empty in the new edition as well. In the first part of the tour, the best ski jumpers will compete for the prestigious award "Golden Eagle" without wind in the back, which comes from the foot of the ski jumps.

If the Austrian authorities decide to withdraw the move that was withdrawn in Germany, this competition will also pass without a noise from the stands, frantic support, thousands of flags, and some torches, which will diminish the charm of the New Year's tour.

The organizing committee of the competition in Oberstdorf, which is the first stop of the New Year's tour, announced that they are abandoning the plan to let the fans into the stands in limited numbers. The story is identical to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Tickets have been released, winter sports fans have rushed to buy them, and now the leaders of the competition in Oberstdorf and Garmisch will have to return the money to the fans.


After strict restrictions were recently imposed in Bavaria, including a ban on spectators at professional sports events, the leaders of the first two stations of the New Year's Tour had to step down and change their plans.

Obviously, this decision was difficult for everyone, but they are aware that the law is something that must be respected. "Unfortunately, the new decree of the Bavarian government does not give us room for maneuver. It is a great pity because we have developed an excellent concept of protection, especially for the New Year's tour, "said Florian Stern, director of the competition in Oberstdorf.

If the measures are revoked or changed - which is unlikely - the organizing committee is ready to react urgently, and do everything possible to get as many fans as possible in the stands. Of course, in accordance with the regulations that would be passed.

In the managment, it is as if no one expects the decision to be revoked "We don't expect that, but we are very flexible and it would take us a few hours to start selling tickets," said the first man of the competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Michael Maurer.