The German conquered Russia: Karl Geiger flew to the jubilee 10th victory

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The German conquered Russia: Karl Geiger flew to the jubilee 10th victory

Unlike some previous seasons of the World Cup in ski jumping, this one did not start with significant surprises. At the first stop, Karl Geiger flew to triumph, leaving his closest companion almost ten points behind thanks to two equal jumps.

For Karl Geiger, the jumper, the victory in Nizhny Tagil was the jubilee tenth in his career, and just like at the opening, the German was looking forward to it. A year ago, German jumper Markus Eisenbichler, now Karl Geiger, triumphed at the premiere.

Once again, the Germans confirmed that they are most ready for the new season, but the question is whether they will manage to persevere, jump well in continuity and finally get a new champion compared to some earlier ones.

The last globe was won by Severin Freund in the 2014/15 season, and since then, Karl Geiger and Marcus Eisenbichler have been the closest to winning the World Cup. Richard Freitag also had a chance, and Severin Freund took second place after the title.

They become eternal 2th.

Other sky jumpers

Halvor Egner Granerud, the defending champion, was the best after the first series of jumps, he had the opportunity to remove the German from the first place, but he did not perform the jump he needed.

Too short. The Norwegian failed to repeat last year's success when he celebrated in Nizhny Tagil, and in the end, he took only the third position. Japanese jumper Ryou Kobayashi was in the middle of Karl Geiger and Halvor Egner Granerud.

Although Kamil Stoch took fifth place on the first station of the World Cup, which is not a bad result, he jumped drastically weaker than in the qualifications. With the second series, he somewhat improved his impression, made a huge jump on the table, and won a decent number of points, and the jump of only 117.5 meters from the first series cost him a podium.

The Pole lagged behind Karl Geiger by more than 30 points, while in addition to Kobayashi and Granerud, he also looked back at Naoki Nakamura. The best ten in Nizhny Tagil were completed by Marcus Eisenbichler, Slovenians An┼że Lanišek and Cene Prevc, Norwegian jumper Robert Johansson, who also wasn't so good in the second atempt, and Yukija Sato.

An interesting season is ahead of us, judging by everything Along with Karl Geiger, the first competition of the season was marked by Japanese competitors, since as many as three of them finished among the top ten.