Beijing Olympics 2022: "There will be no foreign crowd"

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Beijing Olympics 2022: "There will be no foreign crowd"

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Game will be closed to foreign crowd. The event, which will start on February 4th with the opening ceremony and close on February 20 with the extinguishing of the brazier, will only be able to have Chinese crowd.

This was announced by the IOC, International Olympic Committee. In the country where the pandemic began, precautions against Covid are very strict. As for all the other participants, only those who have completed the vaccination cycle will be able to avoid quarantine but will still be in a bubble with very stringent rules.

Others will have to observe 21 days of solitary confinement except those with a medical exemption. These decisions, announced by the IOC but wanted by the Chinese organizers, are only the anticipation of another series of regulations and prohibitions that will be announced next month.

For the moment, despite a slight recovery in the circulation of Covid, closed-door games are excluded and the treatment of athletes will depend on the vaccination status. The Olympic bubble looks like it will be even more rigid than that of Tokyo and it will not be possible for athletes to make contact with the population.

Daily tampons will be provided for all Olympic participants, including volunteers.

The Undertaker accused of bullying by a former WWE

One of the sacred monsters of the pro-wrestling discipline, is the legendary The Undertaker, respected and idolized by all as a performer and unique worker, tireless and workaholic, who in the course of his thirty-year career, has managed to set up five-star matches.

against various colleagues, such as Kurt Angle, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and many others. Until now, Undertaker has almost never been heard badly, except in some recent statements, in which Deadman himself came up with some slightly unhappy phrases, about the fact that today's businessmen would not be more "the men of the past", who went around with knives and guns, even if we were in the far west.

Apparently, however, in the last few hours news related to the Deadman's backstage behavior would have emerged, which would overshadow his in-ring performance and would denote some very masculine sides of his character, bordering on bullying.

In his latest interview on The 90's Wrestling Podcast, the former WWE athlete of La Resistance, Renè Duprèe, wanted to retrace a not-so-happy moment of his stay in WWE, when he was targeted by the hard powers backstage of the company and therefore bullied.

In his interview, Renè has in fact told: "They took my $ 500 shoes and $ 1000 clothes and ruined them by putting them in the shower because I didn't go to the bar to drink with them the night before, because no one had invited me.

This is materially me ** a, but I could have passed over it, that wasn't what really bothered me. What really bothered me is when we were in Italy the next night and they took the French flag - of which I originate - and threw it down the toilet, pissed on it and fell on it.

I don't know what part of the world you live in, but in my world, this is called racial discrimination. That really hurt me. At the time I also went to talk to Arn Anderson, who was our agent, and asked him what to do. His response was 'don't care about them' and I just said ok.

The second person I went to ask was The Undertaker and I said 'What would you do if someone did this to you?' And he replied 'Well you found who it was' He was the one who ordered the others to do those things because I hadn't gone out with them to drink the night before."