Petter Northug stopped by police for cocaine in car and at home!

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Petter Northug stopped by police for cocaine in car and at home!

Petter Northug stopped by police for cocaine in the car and at home. The Norwegian then said: "I made a big mistake. I was driving too fast and I was given a blood test at the hospital." The champion with 13 world gold and 4 Olympic medals (2 gold medals in Vancouver) admitted on social media that the police found drugs in his home.

He had previously been stopped at a roadblock: "I made a big mistake and I apologize for it. The police stopped me at a checkpoint. I was driving too fast and was countered. blood test at the hospital. The police also found a small amount of drugs in my house.

It's cocaine."

“I am incredibly sorry for everyone I have disappointed"

Northug, who retired in 2018, added that he is desperate and worried about the future: "I am incredibly sorry for everyone I have disappointed.

I know there will be a criminal case now. I will be responsible for what I have done and I will have to recover." Police confirmed an incident involving a man in his thirties without giving a name. It wasn't the first time Northug had come across a steering wheel.

In 2014 he was involved in a drunken accident. According to Norwegian media, the star was stopped by police while driving at 168km / h on a road with a limit of 110. Even in snow, her final accelerations were exaggerated. Crazy.

He challenged the generation from the Piller Cottrers to Pellegrino, before leaving the field to the heir Johannes Klaebo. Among the best cross-country skiers in history, Northug winner also winner of the World Cup on narrow skis in 2010 and 2013, during his career, Northug also stood out for his penchant for taunting his opponents, a sarcastic humor and a form of unusual arrogance in Scandinavia even towards teammates.

He is very popular - loved as a Daehlie and a Bjoergen, absolutely the favorite of the Norge people who have national sport at the bottom - also for his behavior outside the snow: already engaged to a pornstar, during the Nordic Ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme in 2013, had been the protagonist of revelries with the high volume viewing of porn movies in the room.

A complete cross-country skier, capable of dominating from sprints to 50 km. Genius and recklessness. Without skis he took refuge in drugs. Yet last January he tried to return by competing in the Trentino Marcialonga.