Lindsey Vonn: "When I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong."

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Lindsey Vonn: "When I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong."

Lindsey Vonn is one of the most famous skiers enjoying retirement and planning new things for the future. In an interview with Women’s Health, she talked about her mental strength, exercises, and goals. “Mentally, I just like pushing myself,” Vonn tells Women’s Health.

“I like feeling strong, and when I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong. When I work out, I feel like I'm healthier and more confident. I've achieved something, no matter how small”.

Lindsey experienced a divorce in 2013 and as most would experience a mental breakdown in those situations Lindsey had her best season after that and thus only showed how strong she is. “I had probably the best season of my career in 2012 to 2013, right after my divorce,” "I just had to really rely more on myself and find that mental toughness," she adds.

"I had to not rely on anyone, and that gave me a lot of strength and confidence going forward”.

Vonn goes to the gym

The best cure for mental problems seems to be the gym. Vonn trains regularly and this seems to help her a lot to stay physically healthy and mentally strong “I've always found a lot of mental strength and confidence through working out, especially since I've retired from skiing,” Lindsey explains.

“Finding ways to push myself in the gym has given me a lot of comfort and general confidence,” she explains. “Working out was definitely my rock throughout the pandemic, too”. Exercise is one of the most important things in my life,” Vonn says.

“That's always the best way to start my day. I just am more productive and more positive, in a much better mental headspace”. She also described the ways she relaxes “I like to watch Law and Order and have some Ben and Jerry’s.

That’s always a reset button for me, especially if I’m stressed or it’s just not a good day”. “I'm a very goal-oriented person, so the more I can make a tangible expectation for myself, the better I feel.

I like accomplishing things, so even if it's small, even just taking the trash out, I can check that off”. Regarding the collaboration with Dwayne Johnson on the Rock Project, she said: “Project Rock is a lifestyle,” says Vonn.

“I love the gear, especially the shoes, which are the highlight for me. I’ve always struggled with finding shoes that I can lift weights in but also do lateral movements, cutting, or lungeing”.