Shelley Rudman owns the company and her goal is to find new talents

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Shelley Rudman owns the company and her goal is to find new talents

Shelley Rudman, a skeleton bobsleigh athlete talked for Eurosport about all the troubles she had in her career and how positivity became the part of her life. Because of everything that happened, she became mentally stronger.

"I've had quite a few major setbacks in my career - from not making the national talent squad to being disqualified from the World Championships to having broken bones," the 39-year-old reflected, as quoted by Eurosport "You've just got to look at it and go 'I've come this far, and if I can just stick with it and work through this, then it can get me mentally tougher'

"You need to try and remain as positive as you can even in dire situations because generally, things do get better. "Sometimes it can feel liken the world is crumbling down around you, but if you try and remain optimistic and put a strategy in place, you will overcome it.

"I can remember first starting skeleton and being really excited, as it was a completely new sport that I really didn't know anything about. During her career, she did not give up, and, as she says, she took all the chances that were given to her and that is why she won all those medals.

"I sourced an avenue to try and pursue the sport by traveling out to Norway and then Austria - the best way to sum it up was that I took every opportunity that came my way." "I was quite savvy about the choices I made - I always thought just 'give it a go', as you never know what's going to happen."

Shelley Rudman wants to discover new talents

She still feels satisfied with the things she has achieved in her career and currently has her own company where she strives to help future talents as their mentor "I always wanted to represent my country in the Team GB colors, and I look back - and it seems very surreal - but I'm really, really proud of everything I achieved," she added.

"Everything I set, I managed to achieve, and to the point where I thought 'wow, I've achieved everything' "I'm really, really happy with that silver medal in Turin in 2006, and I'm just really proud to have come through a sport and do everything there is to achieve in it.

"I've set records, and I've had a really, really good time - it was brilliant and I've made some really amazing lifelong friends."