Heavy Snowfall Forces World Cup Cancellations in St. Moritz and Val d'Isere

Huge snowfalls in Switzerland but also in almost all of Europe forced the organizers to postpone two important races

by Sededin Dedovic
Heavy Snowfall Forces World Cup Cancellations in St. Moritz and Val d'Isere
© Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom / Getty Images

The World Cup season continues to face challenges due to the weather, with two major races canceled last weekend due to heavy snowfall. Women's super giant slalom in St. Moritz and the men's slalom in Val d'Isere were forced to be cancelled, this year the World Cup is facing many weather problems.

In St. In Morica, the thick snow cover overnight made it impossible for the organizers to prepare the track in time for the race. This decision was made to put the safety of the athletes first, prioritizing their well-being over competition.

This is the third cancellation of the speed race this season, after similar battles with heavy snow and wind led to the cancellation of both descents on the Matterhorn last month.

Canceled races will be held during the season

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has indicated that these canceled races may be moved and held on other slopes later in the season.

However, the current focus shifts to France, where the women's World Cup competition continues next weekend with downhill and super-G. The weather also played havoc in Val d'Isere, where the men's slalom was canceled due to a combination of snow and rain.

This adds to an already frustrating season for the men, with six races cancelled, one abandoned and only two successfully completed. The canceled slalom in Val d'Isere will probably be moved to the second half of the season.

Marko Odermat secured a thrilling giant slalom victory in Val d'Isere on Saturday to add to his impressive season. Now all eyes are on Val Gardena, where skiers will compete in two downhills and a super-G. Namely, the first downhill race serves as a replacement for one of the canceled events on the Matterhorn.

Although the weather has undoubtedly thrown a curve ball on the World Championship season, competitors have been taught to adapt to the conditions as it is part of winter sports. With the races postponed, the second half of the season promises to be even more interesting, full of exciting races and the potential for new champions.