Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: the program!

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: the program!

Here are the program of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games, whch will take place from 4 to 20 February 2022, with 15 disciplines and 109 competitions. The mixed doubles curling will be the first competition of the Games, starting on February 2, while the opening ceremony will be held on 4 February 2020.

Hockey, curling, figure skating and ice dancing will be organized on the day of the opening ceremony, while the closing ceremony will include the men's ice hockey, women's curling, four-man bobsled, ski finals. 30-kilometer classic cross-country ski run as well as the figure skating gala.

The new events will be: the women's monobob, the mixed speed skating relay, the mixed ski jumping, the mixed team freestyle skiing, the freestyle ski big air for men, women and mixed teams the and mixed snowboard cross.

Five of the 12 competition sessions for figure skating will be organized in the evening. In 2026 the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Italy, in the cities of Milan and Cortina.

Lindsey Von praised Roger Federer

Lindsey Vonn was one of the most famous and beloved sportswomen ever.

Anyway she was victim of body shaming for photos from behind while walking on the beach, then one in a boat in a bikini, and one in profile still in a bathing suit. Through social media she said: "I've been posting some costume photos lately, which is scarier than it looks.

Even as an athlete there are ruthless comments and media stories that destroy my body and I admit that sometimes it hurts me. I am a normal person and sometimes I squirm, my stomach bends, cellulite manifests itself on the butt or I don't fill the upper part well of the costume.

But I always remember how my body helped me achieve amazing things in my life and I am proud of how strong I am. I'm not a size zero and that's fine for me. One thing I can swear to all of you is that I have never used Photoshop for my photos and I am proud to have never undergone any plastic surgery of any kind.

No botox, no fillers, no mini surgeries. Literally nothing. I'm 100% natural and 100% Lindsey. To those who feel down about their appearance, be strong, stay healthy and love yourself, whatever the haters say. Let's continue the positive culture of the body!" Her physique is beautiful and statuesque even with some imperfections, and the series of hateful comments, to which the sportswoman responded with the long post in which she talks about the relationship with her body and invites women to love themselves, are very embarassing.

Of Lindsey we know she like Roger Federer's tennis. The American praised the Swiss Maestro's game and personality during an interview with EssentiallySports. The former Amerian skier champion said: "He wants to play as long as possible.

The same as I did with the ski. At a certain point, however, the body might tell you: Enough, now it's too much. I don't know where Roger is in this process right now. He is truly a tennis lover, which is why he has been playing for so long.

It gives a lot to this discipline. Sport will never be the same without him." Despite the passing of time and the date of retirement that consequently gets closer and closer, Vonn will never cease to remain an admirer of the Basel champion: "I was and will be a Roger fan until the end.

For me, he will always be the strongest of all time. Play with so much grace, with such perfect balance. It is spectacular for the fans and for all people. Hardly anyone can do better than Roger." Speaking of the Grand Slam record, the former American athlete said: "If Rafael Nadal will break Roger Federer's record, some will say he is the strongest ever. For others, number one will still be Roger. These discussions will never end."