Mikaela Shiffrin: "I aim for giant and slalom"

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Mikaela Shiffrin: "I aim for giant and slalom"

Mikaela Shiffrin talked in a podcast of her season goals and her life. The American said: "With only 20 days of training I showed up at the start of Levi, in slalom, and 20 days is not enough to start the season. The back injury suffered in Soelden then complicated the plans, which is why I decided to give priority to technical disciplines, at least at this time.

I look at the calendar, check my form and see what I can do following my current level of competitiveness. In speed I have not yet trained after the super-G in Bansko, last January 26th. At the moment, I prefer to race where I can be competitive, I hope to get back to speed by the end of the season.

The overall World Cup? It is not for me this year. I work on what can bring me satisfaction at the moment. Michelle Gisin? You can win the overall standings, absolutely. She is always a positive girl, a hard worker, one of the few I stop to talk to during the reconnaissance, because she is always interesting.

Yes, my life has completely changed. I don't feel anger, just a different feeling than before. Certainly more sadness. And regret. But I always feel lucky to be here, to do what I like best, especially in health. Every day is almost like starting over.

Courchevel? I don't know what to expect, really, even if the training at Reiteralm went well and with me was the Dutchman Jelinkova, a very strong athlete, very competitive and extremely professional. It was a good workout for both of us.

At the moment I am traveling with fewer pairs of skis than in the past, 5 in slalom and 5 in giant, when I usually had at least a dozen per discipline. But in Austria I was able to test a lot, between giant and slalom, which I hadn't done before."

Lindsey Vonn about body shaming

Lindsey Vonn victim of body shaming for photos from behind while walking on the beach, then one in a boat in a bikini, and one in profile still in a bathing suit. Through social media she said: "I've been posting some costume photos lately, which is scarier than it looks.

Even as an athlete there are ruthless comments and media stories that destroy my body and I admit that sometimes it hurts me. I am a normal person and sometimes I squirm, my stomach bends, cellulite manifests itself on the butt or I don't fill the upper part well of the costume.

But I always remember how my body helped me achieve amazing things in my life and I am proud of how strong I am. I'm not a size zero and that's fine for me. One thing I can swear to all of you is that I have never used Photoshop for my photos and I am proud to have never undergone any plastic surgery of any kind.

No botox, no fillers, no mini surgeries. Literally nothing. I'm 100% natural and 100% Lindsey. To those who feel down about their appearance, be strong, stay healthy and love yourself, whatever the haters say. Let's continue the positive culture of the body!" The ski champion was targeted after posting a series of costume shots on social media.

Her physique is beautiful and statuesque even with some imperfections, and the series of hateful comments, to which the sportswoman responded with the long post in which she talks about the relationship with her body and invites women to love themselves, are