European biathlon champion shot himself in the stomach


European biathlon champion shot himself in the stomach
European biathlon champion shot himself in the stomach © Stanko Gruden/Agence Zoom / Getty Images Sport

Former European biathlon champion Krasimir Anev, aged 36, is currently in a medically induced coma following an incident involving a gunshot wound to his stomach. The exact circumstances of the accident remain shrouded in uncertainty.

His family and friends were shocked after hearing such news. Many wonder why this great biathlete did such a thing. Reportedly, the incident occurred last Wednesday in southwestern Bulgaria, near the Drenov Dol dam, close to the town of Ćustendil.

Anev was discovered unconscious at the scene and was swiftly transported to the hospital due to the life-threatening nature of his gunshot injury. While his condition is presently stable, the situation remains serious. Judging by information from foreign media, it seems that Anev has woken up from the coma and that his condition is stable.

However, let's wait to hear the official news. Local law enforcement authorities have refrained from disclosing additional details about the incident, but it has been confirmed that the wound was the result of a self-inflicted gunshot from a legally owned firearm, according to the police.

It's worth noting that since concluding his active biathlon career, Anev has been serving as a military instructor.

Anev and his career

Anev is regarded as one of the most accomplished biathletes in Bulgaria's history. Over the span of 14 years, he actively competed in the sport, participating in eleven world championships and three Winter Olympic Games.

His crowning achievement transpired during the 2019 European Championship in Minsk-Raubischi, where he secured a gold medal in the individual competition. While he consistently performed at a high level, Anev fell short of reaching the podium at the World Championships, with his best result being a fourth-place finish in the mass start event in Oberhof in 2014.

His career is marked by many successes. Many were shocked after hearing such news. The question is why the Bulgarian decided to do it, and what is behind the whole story. In the coming days, the police should determine the motives of this act as well as the potential possibility for something else. There is still no information about his private life, as well as the motives for this.