Federica Brignone and environmental sustainability

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Federica Brignone and environmental sustainability

Federica Brignone, ski world champion, has been involved since 2017 with her environmental sustainability project, with which she has carried out a series of initiatives such as cleaning the arrival area of ​​a Bormio 2000 slope from winter waste.

The goal of the winner of the 2020 Ski World Cup is to raise public awareness of pollution. The first campaign portrayed Federica in the sea of ​​Lipari with skis, helmet and sticks to tell us about her commitment to the sea.

For the second trajectory, the skier immersed herself again by wrapping herself in plastic to tell the feelings of suffocation of marine flora and fauna threatened by pollution. Last year, she chose the lake and organized a symbolic relay: with the help of some divers, she cleaned up an area of ​​the bottom of Lake Garda, delivering them to the children who were waiting for her on the boat with the garbage bags.

In fact, it is essential for her to educate future generations. For this reason, this summer it has carried out a series of initiatives including the cleaning of the finish area of ​​a runway in Bormio 2000 where, together with the boys from the Bormiese Ski Club and Skiing for Life, waste was collected and various scraps abandoned since this winter.

Now the project will continue with a special trajectory for glaciers.

Sofia Goggia: "Mikaela Shiffrin is the favorite for 2021"

Sofia Goggia, star of international skiing, talked about several topics during an interview.

She also said that she thought about retiring, because she could no longer feel good about skiing: "I thought about retiring: I could no longer derive joy from skiing. It seems a paradox given the period, but I was no longer able to derive joy and I thought about retiring.

When you work, the rest works, but when you don't go well, the rest comes in cascade. The important thing is to be able to start again, taking experience from what you have experienced. It has been a particularly difficult season, because so many things they have not gone, starting with me.

I am preparing the new one, I am thinking of nothing but improving myself. I want to go back to smiling on the snow and not to live for the snow. "Sofia's season was certainly not exciting, with the victory in the Super G of Saint Moritz the only sharp one of a year to forget.

This is the confession of Sofia Goggia, downhill Olympic champion in Pyeongchang 2018, winner of the downhill World Cup in 2018 and two world medals. Sofia Goggia experienced the Covid-19 emergency months that hit her city, Bergamo, in Lombardy, Italy very closely: "Here the situation was tragic.

When the lockdown was triggered I was at the sea and seeing the empty streets and full of tension it made a lot of impression. I didn't see my parents, I brought them the shopping and I was two meters away. It was a good year for Italian skiing thanks to Federica Brignone and Marta Bassino.

2021? I don't know as it will be, there will perhaps be fewer stages and therefore it will be necessary to be ready, making little mistake. The favorite? Shiffrin can adapt like no other. She is not unbeatable, but she is the most constant. "