Dave Ryding on Kitzbuhel and winning the World Cup


Dave Ryding on Kitzbuhel and winning the World Cup
Dave Ryding on Kitzbuhel and winning the World Cup

Dave Ryding became a World Cup Winner a year ago, and that is a moment he will never forget. Ryding didn't believe in himself, but in the end, luck was even greater when he succeeded in what he set out to do. “It was something that I never dreamt of as a child because nobody had ever done it.
So yeah, you never know what's possible.

But then obviously, when I podiumed in 2017, and then was just consistently in and around the top 10 with some more podiums, I did start believing that I could do it.
I believed I could become Britain's first-ever World Cup winner and that kind of resonated with me that that's something I wanted to achieve.I'm not gonna lie.

I was beginning to think my time had passed because I was 35. It was relief. Not just for me, but for everyone who's been behind me in that - my coach, service man, my sponsors, my family, everyone.To say that I've done it and will always be remembered as the first winner, that's something that means I'll stay there in history forever, which obviously makes me very proud”.

- Ryding said, as quoted by eurosport.com


Kitzbuhel is a special location for him. It is a location where every skier dreams of winning or at least participating. “I mean, I wouldn't have minded where the win would be.

But obviously with it being Kitzbuhel, the most iconic place in the calendar, you get the crowds, the trophies, it's the best one to win for sure," he says.
"And the prize money as well is obviously reflected in that. So yeah, if I was to pick one, I probably would choose Kitz.
When I got a bit older and you've watched the downhill, you know how hard the slalom is, the crowds, the history, everything...
The more experience you have there, the more runs you have there, the more you get what that place is about and yeah, it really is the Wimbledon of ski racing.
It's the pinnacle, definitely of the World Cup”.