Mikaela Shiffrin will miss the Lake Louise speed events


Mikaela Shiffrin will miss the Lake Louise speed events
Mikaela Shiffrin will miss the Lake Louise speed events

Mikael Shiffrin will not be part of the Lake Louise speed events. Her goal is Sestriere and that is the place where she wants to give her best. Before the start of the season, she talked about her ambitions. Shiffrin revealed what her main focus is.

“I’m probably not going to do all of them. But I would like to focus a bit more on some of the super-G races and, for sure, all the slaloms and the GS.
“Downhill takes more time, more days, more effort, so then it’s less training for other events.

We pick and choose which downhill is possible,” said Shiffrin, adding it “brings me a lot of joy, to ski super-G, as long as my slalom and GS feel like they are on point, then we try that out". Although she did not have such brilliant results over the weekend, she is still optimistic and aware of her qualities.

“if anything, I didn't expect to win today. I don't know, it just felt like the world, the universe, doesn't work in ways that I would win my 50th slalom race in Killington, to get six in a row.
I know that's maybe not like the greatest mentality to have, but I pushed, I fought the second run, we'll go back and look at the video and we'll try to figure out which turns I lost speed on and how I can do it better." “I know that I have some of the fastest slalom turns in the world.

It's not really even disappointing. It just didn't happen today, the crowd was still incredible, and the rain held off till after the race.
“Wendy and Anna got their first win, which there's some days where you just have to say, 'look at that on the Jumbotron'

She is so happy. It's just like, what? You can't be disappointed. I don't know."

Shiffrin is optimistic

She is happy for her colleagues, but Shiffrin knows that she too has to raise her performance to a higher level. “They just deserve it.

I don't know, maybe I deserve it, too, and Petra deserves it and everyone deserves it. But I've won a couple races and they earned it, they deserve it. I'm just really happy for them. Of course, there's a part of me that says, 'okay, I gotta get clicking up my turns again', and maybe training some courses more specific to this style of course, setting a little bit quicker, a little bit more down the hill.

Certain things that I can fix myself, I'm thinking about it that way too. Like first, they just get to enjoy this thing. That's incredible”.

Mikaela Shiffrin