Greg Rutherford: “I believed I could make the Olympic Games – 100%"

“The ultimate goal was, of course, to go to the Olympic Games in Beijing"

by Sead Dedovic
Greg Rutherford: “I believed I could make the Olympic Games – 100%"

Bobsleigh competitor Greg Rutherford is optimistic about Milan Cortina 2026 and hopes to win. He could not achieve his goal in Beijing, but he is not giving up on it. “In just under four years’ time there'll be another winter Olympics,” he said for “I tried the bobsleigh with some relative success.
“The ultimate goal was, of course, to go to the Olympic Games in Beijing.

It didn't happen for a number of reasons, but the possibility of potentially pushing myself to maybe go to one more Olympics - it’s still there a little bit.
“I've learned the skill of bobsleighing now. So it makes life a bit easier.

I'm not desperately trying to understand the sport which I did in the nine months leading up to the Beijing Olympics.
“The team is changing a little bit. Lamin [Deen] will retire - our driver. Luke Dawes who was in there as well - he's now starting to drive.

And Sam Blanchet as well – a fantastic athlete, great rugby background, great bobsledder as well. There's the spine of a team there potentially with me as well”.

Rutherford and injury

Although he had an injury, he still hopes to be able to perform at the Winter Olympic Games.

“I think I probably will [try and go to the Olympics],” he revealed. “I struggle with putting my family and friends through the stress that I do because there is a lot of stress that comes with being involved with sport.

But there's also still this desire to just keep pushing myself.
“I think now, as I said, I know the skill. I can do it, and I did it well when I was doing it apart from the injuries, which hurt quite a lot.
“It gives me an opportunity to maybe push myself again.

I know probably after the next Winter Olympics, the chance for me to do any more sports is probably over. I'd be too old. I'm already battered.
“So this was always the idea of when I came back into sport, use what's left in my body to see if I can make it in a sport one more time, and then sail off into the sunset in pain!” A neck and shoulder injury prevented him from going to the Olympic Games in Beijing “I'm still processing that now to be totally honest,” he confessed.

“The irony of the whole thing is, even if we did qualify for the Games, I wouldn't have been able to have gone because of my neck.
“So it would have been a massive double-edged sword of being so happy that my friends had made the Games but knowing that I wasn't there due to the fact that I had got injured.
“I believed I could make the Olympic Games – 100%.

I believe I'm physically gifted enough to make the Olympic Games as a bobsledder - 100%.
“It just wasn't to be and there's multiple reasons. This is always the other thing as well, you're relying on other people, our team changed dramatically from the first competition through to the last.