Iran wants to organize the men's U19 and U21 World Championships

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Iran wants to organize the men's U19 and U21 World Championships

According to reports from some Iranian news agencies, the Federation of Tehran would have requested to host the men's World Championships in 2021 both for the Under 19 and for the Under 21 category. The request was allegedly made by Iranian President Mohammadreza Davarzani during a telephone conversation with the dg of the International Federation Fabio Azevedo on Wednesday 24 June.

The Fivb executive said that other countries have also applied to the organization and that the decision will be taken in the coming months.

The double Olympic medalist Leila Barros (now senator in Brazil) positive at Covid-19

In between, Leila Barros twice Olympic bronze medalist (Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000), former volleyball and beach volleyball player, currently Senator of the Republic Leila Barros has been hit by Covid-19.

After presenting with fever and muscle aches, the 48-year-old deputy supported the swab which proved positive. The result was reported through its social networks. With this post: “After presenting with fever and muscle pain, Senator Leila Barros took the RT-PCR test which was positive for covid-19.

Clinical tests revealed no changes in the lungs. Although she is confident of a complete recovery, the DF member of parliament is not doing well because of the severe headache. Leila will respect home insulation according to the doctor's advice."

Even the setter of the Bulgarian national team (and in the next Super Volley of the Top Volley Tanker) Georgi Seganov has tested positive for a repeated test for the covid-19. The information reported by various media in the Balkan country has been confirmed by the team's headquarters.

Yesterday all the other athletes of the national team led by Silvano Prandi, as well as the staff members, gave negative results in the new tests. Bulgaria has been meeting in Sofia for several weeks. 27-years-old Seganov underwent a rapid blood test on Wednesday and had a negative result, but his PCR test showed a positive result on Friday.

The dribbler is in solitary confinement in his mother's apartment in the Bulgarian capital: "There is nothing to worry about, all tests are negative," commented team director Stefan Cholakov. “Georgi Seganov feels good.

The only symptom that we knew was wrong was loss of smell. - Then continued the manager - “On Monday we continue with our training plan and I hope that we will no longer have similar cases. We follow the necessary measures, before training we measure everyone's temperature and the readings are recorded daily, we use disinfectants and masks "

Seganov will remain in quarantine for 14 days, after which the decision will be made whether or not to return him to the national team, which should last until 15 August.