Italy won the organization of the volleyball European Championship 2023!


Italy won the organization of the volleyball European Championship 2023!

This was announced by the first man of the Italy association, Giuseppe Manfredi, at a press conference Italy will host European teams at the 2023 continental competitions. This news was announced at a press conference by the President of the Volleyball Federation of Italy, Giuseppe Manfredi.

Both the men's and women's selections of that country, who were really great this year and achieved the greatest successes, will start defending the throne on the home floor. This will be a huge psychological advantage for them, considering that the majority of Italian fans will be present at halls, who will provide support to their teams.

Great euphoria will rule Italy and this is an ideal chance for both teams to show quality, and to take advantage of the benefits they received This is great news that has delighted Italian volleyball fans, but also those who do not follow volleyball.

In Italy, they are currently very happy to have been hosted and we can expect a great tournament in two years, when many teams will be competitive for the trophy. The men's European championship is planned to be played in five cities.

In Italy, there should be an opening match on the program, matches in the group in which the Azures are, two matches in the eighth finals, two quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

Women's torunament in Italy

Earlier, it was announced that Northern Macedonia is one of the co-organizers.

When it comes to the women's tournament - it will be played in four cities. There will be the first match in Italy, matches in the group in which Egonu and her friends are, the eighth finals and the quarterfinals. The semifinals and finals will be played in another country.

The competition will be very big, given that there are many quality teams and that each team can surprise. Of course, as always, there will be many surprises, and in two years there there could be some new players who will play an important role in their teams.

Italy has also asked to host the final of the next League of Nations, but the decision of the FIVB is still pending. It is still unknown what chances they have for that, but it is certain that Italy can secure the tournament according to certain measures, which will satisfy everyone present.

We will look forward to the next tournament in which we can certainly watch quality volleyball, and surely we will enjoy