Croatia will host big volleyball tournaments!


Croatia will host big volleyball tournaments!

Croatia has recently shown that they are a great volleyball nation, and that they have a bright future ahead of them in terms of this sport. Their national teams (men's and women's) will play in the Golden Group from next year.

But that's not the end, Croatia will also be the host for the final Final Four, on June 18-19 next year “This is an opportunity that is not presented every day, so it is logical that we have accepted it with both hands." "Joining the Golden Group of the European League for our men’s volleyball means a tremendous amount because this is the opening way to join the Top 12 European teams, which we aspire to." "Under the new scoring system, we can only progress, and the composition of the national team we currently have is a pledge that we can achieve excellent results."- The secretary expert of the Croatian Volleyball Federation Frane Zanic said, as quoted by worldofvolley In addition, they are supported by the fact that they will automatically participate in the Final Four "Next year, the Golden League awaits our men’s team, where we play in Group B together with Ukraine, Belarus and Spain and qualification for the European championship." "Since we are hosting the Final Four, we automatically won a place in the final tournament, and entering the final itself opens up the possibility of playing Challenger tournaments, which are also qualifications for the prestigious League of Nations." "Indeed there is no end to our happiness after this meeting in Luxembourg, this is great news for our men’s volleyball”.


Croatian Volleyball Federation President Ante Baković is overjoyed after such good news, and is happy to cooperate with CEV and other organizations “All this is the result of our long-term investment in Croatian volleyball and partnership with the European Federation CEV." "We have already proven to be good organizers and even better hosts to many competitions under the authority of CEV numerous times before, so we have gained a rating here and we no longer have to prove ourselves.

" "The last was the organization of one of the European Championship groups, which was again professionally done." A difficult summer awaits them, but they are still satisfied with the progress of volleyball in Croatia and difficult tournaments await them "Entering Volleyball players in the Golden Group of the European League was our wish, to somehow be equal with women volleyball players, and now we have done it." "We think we have both teams of respect-worthy, and that both can produce great results." "And this summer there will be opportunities for this, because in addition to the Golden Group of the European League, immediately after that there will be the Mediterranean Games, where we promised our Olympic Committee to compete in the strongest lineup, then the women’s Challenger and qualification for the Europen championship." "So, again we will have a long, warm, working summer, which we are not afraid of but look forward to with joy”.