Kentaro Takahashi: from baseball to volleyball

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Kentaro Takahashi: from baseball to volleyball

Kentaro Takahashi has not always been a volleyball player. In an interview with the FIVB site, he revealed which sport was his love and how he found himself in the world of volleyball. “I was 15 years old when I had to stop playing baseball because of an elbow injury,” Takahashi recalled.

“Then my high school teacher recruited me to the high school volleyball team”. , as quoted by FIVB "My strongest point is my strength. I try to utilize my strength to make points as much as I can in a match. My weakness would probably be a lack of accuracy, which results in some avoidable mistakes in my plays.

So, I try to maintain a high focus on the balls to overcome this weakness”. “We finished in fourth place at the World Cup in 2019. Playing there helped me understand my role in the team better to compete and perform well at the highest level.

Motivation in sport

In the world of sports, it is not easy to stay motivated after all the problems that can befall you, but also the success that can kill your desire to progress. “To stay motivated, I always set a high goal for myself and think of ways to achieve it.

At the World Cup, we all shared the same goal to win a medal for Japan in this tournament, so we were all working hard together towards that goal. Which match left the biggest impression on him? “The most challenging match for me was against Russia.

It was difficult to play against them because of their height. However, we had good rhythm from the defense, and our serves, which is our team’s strength. We beat them eventually because of that”. “Practice makes perfect.

Always put your best effort in training. When it comes to handling stress and pressure, don’t even try to avoid them. Understand the situation and face them head-on." The position of the middle blocker is not at all simple and you have to understand the game well to be in that position "Good judgment skills are really important for middle blockers.

You have to watch a lot of videos and learn from the techniques of other teams or players to improve your own skills." “I would advise my younger self not to overthink and just play harder each time to improve my performance." Takahashi has other loves besides volleyball “On the court, I play hard and tough, but outside I am a very outgoing person who loves to have fun all the time.

I go fishing on weekends. I love taking hot baths. In fact it is also part of my game routine – taking a hot bath for 20 minutes, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to music." “But my greatest passion outside the sport is my baby daughter”.