Turkey better than Sweden, but not so convincingly

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Turkey better than Sweden, but not so convincingly

The volleyball players of Turkey survived the first set against Sweden and the extremely motivated sisters Haak. After incredible upheavals and an exciting finish, they managed to get out, took the lead in the second 8: 0, and thus completely broke the opponent's resistance for the third victory in Group D at the European Championship - 3: 0 (31:29, 25:21, 25:11).

The Turks knew very well what danger lurked from the great opposite of Vakifbank, Isabelle Haak, but they probably also believed that she could not draw the selection on her own, which is at the European Championship for the first time since 1983.

However, in the first set, the young Swede demonstrated all the qualities she possesses that makes her one of the best correctors in the world. Because of her great release against the big favorite - the first set was a complete madhouse.

Isabelle Haak scored as many as nine points. Out of 15 balls in the attack, eight ended up on the taraflex on the side of the rival, which would mean that she had a realization of 53 percent. She was well followed by her older sister Ana, who scored five points in that period.

The family tandem was best opposed by the player who arrived at Vakifbank in the summer transfer window - Meryem Boz. She also scored nine points in the first set, with an attack of 12-7 and two successful blocks.


The Turks opened the match better and took the lead 8: 4, and the motivated opponents turned it around to 16:13.

Turkey returned again, so an uncertain ending was guaranteed. Turkey lined up the set balls, and the Swedes saved them one by one until they knelt down and lost that period after the marathon - 31:29. Quite understandably, after such an end, the inexperienced team completely fell, and Turkey used those black minutes to completely demoralize them.

The European runners-up opened the second set with a series of 8: 0 and thus psychologically broke the winner's question. Hande Baladin was excellent, followed by Boz and Senoglu. Although Isabelle Haak managed to reduce the backlog, it was impossible to direct a complete reversal.

Turkey took sure steps to take a 2-0 lead. There was no more uncertainty in the third set. Turkey quickly secured a double-digit lead and secured its third triumph in the group. For now, Turkey's volleyball players look phenomenal and it will be interesting to follow them if they continue at the same pace.