Brazil coach Ze Roberto has selected three players for the Tokyo Olympics


Brazil coach Ze Roberto has selected three players for the Tokyo Olympics

Brazilian volleyball team coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes is slowly preparing the team for next year and the Tokyo Olympics. The atmosphere in the Brazilian national team is positive and everyone is hoping for a good result. Roberto seemed to have chosen a couple of players who are safe for the Olympics.

For now, according to him, a safe place in the team has: Gabi Guimaraes, Natalia Pereira, and Tandara Caixeta, while we will find out the other names when the time comes “Gabi is one of the best passers in the world right now,” said Ze Roberto, speaking to the Brazilian Federation’s Youtube channel.

“Her passing rate in the Turkish League was over 80 percent, which is really impressive, and when you have a player performing so well at the international level, she’s certainly part of your team. " “Natalia and Tandara, too, are players who have shown what they can do at the international level and they will certainly be in Tokyo if they are healthy and in good form”.

Thaisa Menezes as a key player

Thaisa Menezes is one of the key players in the fight for the trophy. Although she is already in her late years, she can still give a lot “Thaisa is someone I’d really love to be part of the team,” Ze Roberto added.

“She has recovered from a really serious knee injury and had a wonderful club season in the Superliga. Minas has taken great care of her and she’s in great form and physically very strong. In my opinion, she’s the best middle blocker in the world, so I’d obviously love to have her”.

Roberto thinks he will have a hard time choosing a roster because Brazil has a lot of good volleyball players “There are some players who are more obvious as they’ve been with the team for some years and have been playing key roles for us,” the Brazilian coach added.

“But it’s very difficult to get to the final selection of 12 names that go to the Olympics. I start with a larger list with 60 players or so and go from there. There are always openings for players who do well in their clubs and show they can have a big impact on the national team, so the next months will be important regarding the final decisions I still need to make.

Hopefully, the players who are already on our radar remain healthy and perform well and the ones who might not be on our shortlist right now play well enough to become viable options”.