Andre Stein hopes for better games and is focused on Paris

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Andre Stein hopes for better games and is focused on Paris

Famous beach volleyball player Andre Loyola Stein will spend his birthday today preparing for the season in September. “Since my birthday will be in the middle of the week, it will be a normal day, with training and everything else," said André, who captured the gold medal with Evandro Goncalves at the 2017 FIVB World Championships in Vienna.

"Since I live here now with my wife, we will probably have a nice dinner to celebrate it. And hopefully, during the weekend we can celebrate with George’s family as they are all from here”. , as quoted by fivb Stein and Wanderley had a successful 2019 but still did not achieve the goal, which was to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo George and I had a good year in 2019 and our short-term goal was to remain on a good spot in the World Tour," "As a team, George and I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for Tokyo qualifying," said Andre.

"We believed we could qualify, that was our goal and unfortunately we didn’t make it." Stan said Andre said "the focus is now on Paris but taking it one step at a time. We need to keep improving and that’s what will take us to Paris and hopefully, if all goes well, we can be in Los Angeles too.

We’re both young, George especially, and in theory we should be able to make a run for the Los Angeles Games too, but we know that the work we do now is what will put us in a position to accomplish that goal”.

Stein's marriage

Andre recently got married and says he spends a lot of time with his wife “We moved to Joao Pessoa in January, so everything is still a little new for us here,” he added. “George’s family lives nearby so we get to meet them during the weekends every once in a while.

I was working out at home with some weights we borrowed from a local gym and doing some rehab, stretching, and preventive work. In June I went to visit my family in Vila Velha and spent three weeks with them there. I returned at the end of July when we were allowed to practice again here in Joao Pessoa”.

Andre said he and George are “working with our coaching staff watching a film online three times a week. I think we got to watch nearly every match we played together and studied most of our opponents. It was a way to use the time we had on our hands in the best possible way.

I tried to rest and work with our psychologist too, but also wanted to spend time with my wife as this is a routine that’s not typical for a beach volleyball player”.