Patterson and Bruner back again

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Patterson and Bruner back again

Theodore Allan "Theo" Brunner is an American professional beach volleyball player who is a member of the United States men's national A2 beach volleyball team. He is looking forward to the continuation of the season and his return to the field “Given the fact we’ve only been playing for three weeks, we played pretty good,” said Brunner, who is 35 years old with three AVP wins on his resume.

“There’s a whole bunch of stuff we can fix, but it was just so much fun. As a competitor, you never want to think ‘I’m just happy to be here!’. But that’s all I could think. I’m just happy to be here, because who knows when we’ll be back? I’m just trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

And [Casey] is freaking hilarious. They have to put us on center court. Just the stuff he was saying was so out there. Cracking me up”. - as quoted by fivb

Patterson and Brunner started playing together in 2017. They thought they were a good tandem and could beat anyone.

t’s amazing, so much better than I remembered already,” Patterson said of playing with Brunner.

“It’s good. What was super helpful was that it was familiar already. The process of tidying things up was so much more advanced from the start. Troy and I were still trying to figure out where to set each other as of five weeks ago: ‘I think I want it here.’ For now, they are cooperating well and their game brings them victories “We still didn’t know.

I already knew what Theo wanted from the left, I already knew he was playing left. That was already done. And his style of blocking I was always familiar with and very comfortable with. He’s stuffing everyone. It’s easy to play defense behind that”.

He regrets a few missed opportunities and bad games, but he still hopes for better results in the future “We played great, and I just didn’t execute on enough opportunities on the side out and in transition,” said Patterson, who competed in the 2016 Olympics with Jake Gibb.

“I dug a good amount of balls for us to be able to put them away. It’s funny, because I go home to my wife, and she goes ‘It’s weird, I always remember you digging a ball and so confident that it was for sure going to be a kill.’ I go ‘That helps, I feel so much better now.’ “It’s definitely how I felt too.

I just hit the tape one too many times, or I got stuffed when I shouldn’t have. That stuff for me is going to be really big. And then also, [Theo is] getting more comfortable setting me. All those things, when you’re comfortable as a team, will be better going forward”.