Sam Walker: You always have to work hard

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Sam Walker: You always have to work hard

The sport requires a lot of sacrifices, effort, and perseverance. You will agree if I say that today it is much harder to succeed in sports, especially if we see how many good athletes there are today. If you want to be good at something you have to be better than many others.

Australian outside hitter Sam Walker was just one of those who had to lose something to gain something. He left his family, friends, and left Australia for Europe at just 18 years old. “In order to get where I am today, I had to move away from my home in Perth when I was 15 to join the national team programme in Canberra,” he said.

“Which is on the other side of Australia”. - as quoted by “I then left Australia when I was 18 to start my professional career in Europe. Moving away from my Australian support system and living alone at a young age was a big change.

The constant challenges and unique opportunities of professional volleyball motivated me to keep playing and improving. I’ve always been motivated by the possibility of progressing my career to new, exciting places”.

Sam Walker on managing a busy life

Sometimes private life also suffers because of sports. You have to balance different things and be focused on more of them, but of course, as we said, give up a lot to be the best. “Life is really busy in the national team.

I became used to the schedule and being immersed in volleyball. I also try to enjoy the places I travel to when I can. It’s not as busy when you’re playing overseas, and I feel like I have a more balanced lifestyle then.

I try to relax when I can, spend time with the team and get to know the guys I’m playing with. "The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned from sport is to just keep working hard. In a season or even individual matches, there will always be highs and lows.

If you keep putting in 100 percent and can move on to the next point, game or match – unfazed and confident – you give yourself and your team the best chance at success”. Although relatively young Walker has achieved much success in volleyball and is sure to achieve even better results.

“When I was 17, I played in the 2012 Asian Volleyball Cup in Vietnam. I played opposite and it was a huge step for me and a big challenge. My latest FIVB event was the AVC Tokyo Olympic qualification tournament last January.

We were disappointed because we didn’t get the result we were after, but when I compare my personal performance to my first event, I have improved immensely. “I’ve changed my position as an outside hitter and I’m now comfortable playing at the international level.

My skills, physicality and confidence have improved significantly since 2012. My playing style is completely different now. “I would say my biggest achievement so far is the silver medal at the 2019 Asian Volleyball Championship.

It was a huge team achievement and I was playing a larger role in the team. I was also given the award for best outside hitter, so it was also a great personal achievement”.