Julia Ituma, mystery around her death: fatality or suicide


Julia Ituma, mystery around her death: fatality or suicide

There is no peace for Julia Ituma, the Italian volleyball player who died in Istanbul on the night between 13 and 14 April after falling from her bedroom window on the sixth floor of the hotel. There are several speculations about the poor girl's death: some talk of fatality, some of suicide.

The investigation by the prosecutor of Anatolia, Ismail Uygur, is still open and only the official response will definitively clarify the causes of her death. According to the well-informed Sabah, the best-selling Istanbul newspaper, the first toxicological tests also excluded Julia's consumption of alcohol or any type of drug before falling from the sixth floor.

Only on Thursday morning, after the tragedy had already occurred, a boy, probably a schoolmate of the volleyball player with no particular ties to sporting environments, unable to speak to Julia, had tried to contact some players privately on Instagram to confess his concern for the state mood of her friend.

No light on the other case, however, relaunched by the Turkish media in the first moments after the tragedy, according to which the girl wrote her goodbye on the team's chat, a circumstance that was categorically denied by the club from the beginning.

According to the first findings of the investigation, Julia's contemporary, Lucia Varela spoke with the girl until 1.20 in the morning. She was in room 606. She Then she didn't notice that the roommate had opened the window to jump out.

The Spanish player was woken up by the Turkish police at 5 in the morning. In the video recorded by the surveillance cameras of the Volley Hotel, the girl can be seen talking on her phone for a long time. She then she looks at the screen questioningly.

She finally crouches on the ground. She was on the phone with her friend who, the teammates specify, was not a boyfriend. There is also talk of a farewell note written in English found in the girl's room. Police investigations focus on the seized smartphone. While probably the girl's friend will be heard in Italy to tell what they said.