Kamaru Usman on his plans: I want to go to the second category!


Kamaru Usman on his plans: I want to go to the second category!

Kamaru Usman will soon have a challenge in the form of Leon Edwards. This will be his 6th title defense. What surprised many is that Usman wants to go to light heavyweight. “I think any fight that I fight next is going to be a gigantic fight,” Usman said during the UFC 278 media day.

“I’ve already stated that I want that light heavyweight belt. For a lot of people it’s crazy but a lot of things seem crazy until it’s done. I stated that I wanted it. After this win, [UFC President] Dana [White] and I will sit down and we’ll have a conversation”.

Usman confirmed that he is not kidding and that he was not kidding when it came to the fight with Canelo Alvarez. “You guys think that I kid when I come up here?” Usman said. “I usually laugh when I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding.

Everyone thought I was playing with the whole ‘Canelo’ situation. I wasn’t. I really wanted that. It’s something that I wanted. It didn’t come to fruition then, who knows what the future holds but that light heavyweight belt.

I’m not saying I would run through the division, don’t get me wrong, but at the top, I think I can get it done”.

Kamaru Usman and his opponents

Kamaru Usman is full of confidence and ready to fight anyone.

Weight is not a problem for him either. “I don’t need to put on no weight,” Usman said. “People don’t understand what my death grip is like. I can get around you. I don’t care whether you’re heavyweight or 205, these understand what my strength is.

I have an idea what I want to do in a fight, but I leave that up to my coaches. “I have an approach of how I want to fight those fights in my head, which usually comes out when everything else is failing in the fight, I just f****** go.

However I want to fight, I’m going to fight it. I’m going to try the coaches’ way, this is what y’all dialed up, I’m going to do it but if everything is failing, f*** it, let’s just go”.

There is also a lot of talk about his fight with Jon Jones, but... “We’ve got to chill with these scenarios now,” Usman said. “Nah, Jon is Jon, he’s big as hell, which is why he can easily make that transition to heavyweight.

If the money’s right, I’ll try my luck, but Jon is great. Jon is a fantastic competitor and definitely in that conversation as the best-ever”.

Kamaru Usman