Jan Blachowicz to Jiri Prochazka: I'm a little bit annoyed about this situation


Jan Blachowicz to Jiri Prochazka: I'm a little bit annoyed about this situation
Jan Blachowicz to Jiri Prochazka: I'm a little bit annoyed about this situation

Jan Blachowicz wants a match against Jiri Prochazka, but Prochazka has other goals and that is a rematch with Glover Teixeira. “He said my name a couple of times. He wants me, I am the next in line and now he changed his mind,” Blachowicz told MMA Fighting.

“I don’t know why. That’s it. That’s why I’m a little bit annoyed about this situation. “He should fight against me. It’s going to be a great fight if he makes this fight with me. I think Europe and the world deserves this fight.

Fans want this fight. I don’t know why he don’t want this fight”.
Blachowicz also believes that the UFC must do something about their fight. Jan expects to win this match, and that he deserved something like that.

“It’s simple,” Blachowicz said. “I won my fight, he won his fight. He defends the belt, I am next. That’s it. For me, it’s simple but I don’t what to say more. It’s a little bit annoying.

It was a great fight between him and Glover, I’ve got a lot of respect for both of them but just make some decision and the UFC has to do some decisions also because we’re waiting for something. No bulls***, no politics, just do this fight.

“His style, my style, I think it’s going to be a great fight. We just have to do it. Sign the contract, do this, make some money on this fight and that’s it”.

Jan Blachowicz on the fight

Blachowicz believes that they are ideal opponents and could expect a spectacle.

“That’s why I want this fight,” Blachowicz said. “It’s why I’m at the top of the division and he’s the champion. I’m not no name. I’m not under the rankings. I’m just ready for this fight”.

Jan does not want to use trash talk as a method. “I don’t lose respect for his skills for what he can do in the octagon,” Blachowicz said. “But I lose a little bit of respect what he’s saying and what he’s doing.

“You know maybe a little bit [he’s avoiding me]. I think maybe in his head, it’s better to lose the belt against Glover than against me in Europe. Maybe that’s why he’s doing that”. Blachowicz sent another message to his potential opponent and is waiting for his reply.

"If you don’t make this fight right now, it’s going to be a really bad move for you,” Blachowicz said directly to Prochazka. “Because the whole of Europe is waiting for you. This is the best time for us to make this fight.

Make money on this fight and make this fight in Europe. There’s not going to be a better time for me and for you to make this fight right now. “They almost kicked me out of the UFC, and I became a champion. I just deserve this fight”.