Jorge Masvidal: The one that makes the most sense is that little b**** Conor McGregor


Jorge Masvidal: The one that makes the most sense is that little b**** Conor McGregor

Jorge Masvidal has been challenged by many UFC fighters, but he seems to have only one wish: “The one that makes the most sense is that little b**** Conor,” Masvidal told MMA Fighting. “I wouldn’t mind getting a fat paycheck for beating that midget’s ass up.

I don’t know if it’s going to happen. “Gilbert makes sense, but also, Leon’s been calling me out left and right saying he wants to defend the title [should he beat Kamaru Usman at UFC 278] against me.

Let’s go, I’ll go to England and beat your ass again”. Masvidal is ready for a fight with Gilbert Burns, who has emphasized many times that his dream opponent is precisely Jorge Masvidal. “I want to fight Gilbert — but is it going to be this year, is it going to be next year? I don’t know,” Masvidal said.

“I’ve got to heal myself up, and also, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I do have some legal issues I’ve got to take care of and address, then I’ll get right back on the murder scene. I’ve got three felonies they’re charging me with.

So I need to handle this, then it’s back to breaking faces”.

Jorge Masvidal wants Leon and Conor

Colby Covington is also mentioned as an option, but Masvidal has special wishes. His biggest motive is money and he is ready to find himself in the ring with anyone if big money is at stake.

“Right now, I’m not worried about him, he can do whatever the f*** he wants,” Masvidal explained. “He’s not going to necessarily put money in my pocket right now. But the ones that are, f****** Leon, Conor, those are the guys who will make me some f****** coin, so I’d like to smash them up first.

“I’ll keep working on my wrestling, and then come back after those two f****** wrestlers. I’ve been fighting wrestlers — I wouldn’t mind fighting Leon, who is not a wrestler, or Gilbert, that’s a jiu-jitsu guy.

I want to work on my wrestling while I’m not fighting wrestlers, and then get right back to it. [I’ll go back and] fight these same wrestlers again, and f****** end them”. We will see what awaits Jorge Masvidal and whether he will be able to match the next opponent.

Masvidal is known as a 'rebel', but also a great fighter who can beat anyone. It will be interesting to find out the name of his next opponent.

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