Gilbert Burns: I’d love to beat the s*** out of Conor McGregor


Gilbert Burns: I’d love to beat the s*** out of Conor McGregor
Gilbert Burns: I’d love to beat the s*** out of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is considering becoming part of the welterweight division after his comeback. Gilbert Burns warned him. “He’s not a welterweight but if he wants to fight at welterweight, I’d love to beat the s*** out of Conor,” Burns told MMA Fighting.

“I think he’s not going to take that punch. I’m not even talking about grappling cause that’s not fair. [I’d] just take him down and maul him but a fight with Conor, it’s a win-win for me. I’m going to beat him up and I’m going to get a ton of crazy money.

“I’m not even calling for that fight cause it’s not fair. I think he’s a 55-pounder, [if] he’s at 170, he can’t take those punches. He cannot handle that wrestling”. Burns believes that the fighters within the welterweight division are too good for him and have tremendous qualities.

“If you’re talking about the top five in the world, everybody hits hard except Colby [Covington] but everybody can wrestle,” Burns explained. “Colby can wrestle. Colby and Conor is not fun cause Colby would just outwrestle him.

Kamaru [Usman], he can hit hard and he can wrestle. Khamzat [Chimaev], he can hit hard and he can wrestle. Leon Edwards, he can hit very hard, good striking and can wrestle. I hit hard and can wrestle so don’t say you’re a welterweight.

“You can’t handle the top five guys in that division. You can fight a couple of guys at 170 but he’s not a welterweight. If he really thinks [he is], try some top five [fighters] in that division. I think it’s not fair.

We’d just destroy Conor”.

Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal

Gilbert is not optimistic that there will be a match between McGregor and Masvidal. “I don’t think he’s going [to fight] Masvidal. I think he’s going to fight Michael Chandler,” Burns said about McGregor.

“That’s the way I see it. That’s why I think I’m fighting Masvidal September, October and then I do believe whenever Conor is coming back, he’s coming back at 155 [pounds]. I don’t know why but I think he’s fighting Michael Chandler”.

Burns gave his comments regarding the potential fight: McGregor vs Chandler “It’s a crazy fight. I think that’s going to happen. For sure, I’ve got my guy Chandler all day against Conor but I would love to see that fight.

I think it’s going to be a crazy fight but Michael has so much power, he’s so athletic, the guy’s a beast. “I think [Chandler] can knockout anyone in that division, especially Conor that’s kind of an athlete but he’s a celebrity.

The guy, sometimes he’s training, sometimes he’s out drinking, going crazy, he doesn’t have the lifestyle to be in the top five of the division anymore. A lot of respect, the guy was double champ but he’s not that guy anymore. I don’t think he has the discipline to be at the top of the division. He doesn’t have that anymore”.

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