Dusko Todorovic knocked out Townsend on his debut

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Dusko Todorovic knocked out Townsend on his debut

He’s not a perfect fighter - no one is - but he has a perfect effect. Now gilded with his first victory in the Ultimate Fight Championship, which is just as Champions League in football in mixed martial arts. Duško Todorović knocked out the American veteran Dequan Townsend on his debut in the UFC, and he presented himself to an increasing number of martial arts fans as a fighter to pay attention to.

Current score: 10 wins, no defeats. Tonight, Dusko's skill in Brazilian jujitsu was decisive: ninety seconds after the second round started, Todorovic knocked the rival to the ground and "processed" him for a long time before he forced referee Jason Herzog to stop the match with a series of blows.

Townsend fought for a long time, but he did not have an answer to Todorović's skills on the ground floor. It should be noted, however, that the Serb was much more dangerous in the first round, while the fight took place on his feet.

50.000 dollars from the organizers

Before the match, answering the question about the popularity of the UFC in Serbia, he said that it is a rising sport, but still far from the most popular. He said he hopes to become a UFC Novak Djokovic.

It is an ambitious goal. But the beginning showed that Dusko has something to attack and better rivals than the popular "Tarantula" Although they will probably have to be a little more patient for the most dangerous ones.

Noting that in such sports, time can be very useful. Because in sports like this, mistakes are always painful. And they should be reduced to a minimum before going to the line of the strongest. And as an incentive, Todorović received a check for 50,000 dollars from the organizers, because his performance was included in the four most dominant in tonight's program.

"I am still in a kind of madness, my impressions have not subsided," Dusko Todorovic from Abu Dhabi told NOVA S., "I think it will pass in a few days, that only then will it be clear to me what happened.

There are many congratulations and comments ... The opponent is quite resilient and strong. In the second round, I decided to take the fight to the ground, I didn't want to let me go to the third round, get tired there."

Now I'm going on a little break to recover from the injuries and give the body a chance to recover. I was in training camp for a year, we didn't stop training. We had to be ready. "Now I will take a break of two weeks, to try to look back a little at other things. After that, we return to the gym and go all the same," Todorovic said.