Glover Teixeira: I want a rematch against Jiri Prochazka right away!


Glover Teixeira: I want a rematch against Jiri Prochazka right away!
Glover Teixeira: I want a rematch against Jiri Prochazka right away!

Glover Teixeira lost the title to Jiri Prochazka, but that didn't shake him. Teixeira immediately asked for another fight to show his qualities. He wants to get to the rematch as soon as possible and reveals how he feels after everything; “Very motivated,” Teixeira told MMA Junkie.

“I want to get back there right away. I want a rematch right away. It’s one of those things like, ‘Man, I can do it. I could do it. How did I let it slip away? So I guess maybe that’s what it is. I’m motivated to get back there and win the belt”.

He continued, “I think the fight, the way it was, everybody wants to watch that fight. As a champion, I was winning the fight and I let it slip away like that, and another thing is how great the fight was. That fight deserved a rematch.

If that rematch happens, I don’t think anybody is gonna talk sh*t about the rematch except a couple of guys who are there that want the title fight”. His wish is to fight in January, Brazil, but he is aware that he cannot choose now.

“January in Brazil if that fight could be there for the Brazilian fans,” Teixeira said. “To be honest, I’m not the champion right now, and I wanted to fight in Brazil when I was there, but it’s up to the UFC and Jiri now.

… “I would have gone to the Czech Republic when I was champion. I would never say no to any place”.

Teixeira on the match

Even in the match he lost, Teixeira gave his best. However, that was not good enough.

Prochazka showed great quality, he was focused, and in the end, he showed that he is ready for the biggest goals. We will see what the UFC will do and whether they will allow a new match. Certainly, it would be a good choice for fans.

"We got hit a little bit there but I gave my best in this fight,” Teixeira said. “But the hand came in the neck, I was very tired, and I think I didn’t believe [in the submission]. I should have turned, but now it’s too late to cry over spilled milk.

“I gave my best and it wasn’t enough, but let’s go for the next one. Thank you to all of you that root for me for the support. I’m fine, just a few cuts, but let’s go”.

Glover Teixeira

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