Calvin Kattar after the defeat: I thought I did enough to win the fight

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Calvin Kattar after the defeat: I thought I did enough to win the fight

Calvin Kattar is frustrated after another fight. Kattar lost in a match against Josh Emmett in the UFC by a split decision. Kattar is not happy with this result because he believes that he deserved the victory and that he was more dominant during the match.

Calvin also praised his opponent, but he thinks he did enough to be the one to win in the end. However, the judge decided so.
“I just thought I was going to get my hand raised at the end of it,” said on the ESPN+ post-fight show, as quoted by mmajunkie.

“I didn’t care, we give a sh*t if it’s unanimous or a split. I thought I did enough to win the fight. Josh is a class act, a tough kid. Congrats to him and his team. “… There was never a point I thought I could sit back, but I thought I was edging him out, especially the longer the fight went.

The fifth round, I thought I took it. I know he wanted to stand in the center and bang but I mean, that’d be cool I guess if I wasn’t up in the fight, maybe. I thought I was landing the better shots, but I’m not a judge.

It went the way it did, but I thought I did enough to win the fight”.

Kattar on his opponent

Kattar believes that his opponent has a lot of power and did not have an easy task. Emmett showed strength, endurance and everything a UFC fighter should have.

He was moving great, and his opponent had a lot of problems. “Obviously, he’s got a lot of power,” Kattar said. “You’re dealing with adversity. You’re listening to that voice telling you to get small or you tell it to shut up and get big.

Just working my way through the fight, Josh presented a lot of problems as a top featherweight would do. I thought I did enough to overcome them but I guess the judges saw it another way”. Kattar wants to watch the match and see if the result is really deserved.

He seems skeptical and does not trust the judges' decisions, but the video will best show him whether he is right or not. Either way, it’s late now, and time can’t go back. “I thought I did enough to beat a high-level caliber opponent,” Kattar said.

“I just have to go back, check the tape, see what’s up. I’ve really got more questions than anything”.