Israel Adesanya on the new match vs Whittaker: I’ve read that book twice already

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Israel Adesanya on the new match vs Whittaker: I’ve read that book twice already

Israel Adesanya is the current ruler of his category, and no one seems to be able to do anything to him. There is more and more talk about his third fight against Robert Whittaker, but Adesanya believes that there is no need for such a fight, considering that he has already shown class against him twice.

The first time expressively, the second time a little longer, but still convincing. Probably UFC fans aren't in favor of the new fight either, but we'll see if it happens.
“Bobby, he’s a great fighter, I’ll give it to him,” Adesanya said Tuesday in a UFC press conference in Australia, as quoted by mmajunkie.

“He’s a great fighter, but I know how that book ends. I’ve read that book twice already. First time was a quick read, the second time a little bit longer, but I mean, he’s probably gonna be at the top for a while.

But if we fight again, I know how that book ends, you know?” Israel Adesanya will have an interesting challenge on July 2. His opponent will be Jared Cannonier, and this will be his fifth title defense. Israel is happy to be in the ring with a 'new' opponent he has not faced so far.

That is why he is not happy if he fights Whittaker again, because Nigerian is eager for new challenges and 'new blood' as he says. “So, that’s why I’m excited about this next fight,” Adesanya said.

“Some new blood, someone I’ve never fought before. I told you, if (Whittaker) wants it, he should go up to 205, see what that’s about. Maybe try that for a little bit. But yeah, I’ve read that book already and yeah, I don’t like reading the same book over and over again”.

Expectations before the fight

Israel Adesanya also revealed expectations before this fight. However, he believes that this will not be a difficult challenge for him and that he will quickly solve his opponent. We'll see if he can confirm his words.

“He’s a guy that packs a lot… he still carries that strength around, so I can’t overlook him,” Adesanya said. “But, I don’t think he’ll be the toughest challenger. Honestly, think I’ll make this easy.

I really believe I’ll make this look easy come July 3rd”. He continued, “A prediction, I’ll give you a prediction, it’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna look a lot like the Costa fight minus the little tap-tap at the end”.