Sean O'Malley thinks Daniel Cormier wants to see him lose

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Sean O'Malley thinks Daniel Cormier wants to see him lose

Sean O’Malley is a fighter who is gaining more and more popularity because of his UFC qualities, but also brutally honest statements in which he sometimes doesn’t choose his words. This time, O'Malley is furious at Daniel Cormier for commenting on his fights, but obviously, Sean doesn't like the way Cormier comments.

“I have watched my fights back over and over again and every time I hear you and Joe say ‘I don’t know why they don’t kick his legs like Chito Vera did. It was very effective for him’. Oh god, it drives me crazy, DC!” O’Malley said.

“That drives me crazy. Because the leg kick he landed wasn’t a good quality leg kick. My leg kicks I was landing on him were making him spin around in circles. His big toe hit the nerve when I was pulling out from a kick”.

- he said for bloodyelbow.

Daniel Cormier explains his views

Daniel Cormier gave an explanation of his comments and praised Sean O’Malley. “I can’t speak for Rogan, (but) to my defense where else in the octagon have you shown that there’s an ability to hurt you?” Cormier responded.

“So we’re telling the story right? We’re kind of pointing to the one area in which that something worked effectively. You got to remember, one time you did an interview sitting on the ground because your leg was hurt.

So I’m calling back to these moments in the only times that I have seen you compromised. "Outside of that, you have not done anything or shown many places in the Octagon where you’ve struggled, so it’s actually more of a compliment,” Cormier said.

“I’m not taking any shots at Sean O’Malley. I’m just trying to see — because I got to tell the viewers at home — like what’s the other guy’s path”. Sean O'Malley still thinks that Cormier wants to see him lose, but he also reminded him of Jon Jones and thinks that he reminds him of Jones.

“I think DC and I, we get along, but it is what it is. I think he truly, deep down, wants to see me lose,” O’Malley said (HT: Sportskeeda). “For whatever it is. I already said it, it’s because I remind him of Jon Jones because I’m 6’6.

DC wants to see me lose. It’s okay, I’m not mad about it, I get it. I’d want to see me lose too, you know what I mean?”